Sokoloff Arts (501c3)

Sokoloff Arts (501c3) is an emerging cultural institution providing inspired space, hi-tech production resources, and financial support for cutting edge events in all sectors of The Arts, Corporate, Civic, and Cultural life in New York City.

Sokoloff Arts works to provide viable and safe space to congregate, strives to promote cross-cultural community engagement, and blends the arts and business to create sustainable solutions to social and financial inequalities.

We assist young creators with not only space, but resource generation, production, and community.

For 5 years, Sokoloff Arts has provided spaces to congregate at it’s first location, Loft227. To address the overwhelming demand for hi-tech, flexible, and affordable performance and event space in New York City, Sokoloff Arts has built Town Stages.

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Sokoloff Arts Board of Directors

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You can support Town Stages by making a tax-deductible contribution to Sokoloff Arts today!

Are you interested in our Fellowship Program?

Applications for Fellowships are accepted on a rolling basis. The length of your Fellowship, along with your total number of allocated space hours, will be determined by our selection team.