Sokoloff Arts (501c3)

Sokoloff Arts (501c3) is a women-led cultural institution creating inspired space and cutting edge experiences at Town Stages. Helmed by a team of women from different backgrounds and multi-hyphenate artistic disciplines, Sokoloff Arts builds viable and safe places to congregate, strives to promote cross-cultural community activations, and blends the arts and business sectors to design sustainable solutions to social and financial inequalities in New York City and abroad. 


We assist young creators with mentorship, sponsorship, and fellowship.


For 5 years, Sokoloff Arts provided space and support at it’s first location, Loft227. Loft227 was 1,500 sqft location that hit capacity within 2 years of opening. To address the overwhelming demand for hi-tech, flexible, and affordable performance and event space in New York City, Sokoloff Arts has now built Town Stages. Town Stages is a stunning 10,000 sqft storefront facility in Tribeca - supporting the full life-cycle of New York City's hallmark industries and a Creative Fellowship Program.

You can support Town Stages by making a tax-deductible contribution to Sokoloff Arts today!

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Read about our Board of Directors.

Check out our Fellowship Program.

Applications for Fellowships are accepted on a rolling basis. The length of your Fellowship, along with your total number of allocated space hours, will be determined by our selection team.

Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellowship 2019 - 2020

For artists, entrepreneurs, writers, content creators, movers, shakers, and makers of all kinds.

Since 2012, Sokoloff Arts has been dedicated to telling your story and sharing your passion.

In collaboration with Town Stages, TriBeCa’s premier cultural arts space and event venue, Sokoloff Arts is excited to offer YOU a home for the life cycle of your project, a platform for your next phase of development, and an ultimate pipeline to success.

A female-driven cultural arts institution, Town Stages is a state-of-the-art, flexible performance and event space with a stunning 10,000 square foot storefront facility. With a Main Hall, a Cocktail Bar, a Gallery, and many multi-use rooms with a total capacity of 299, Town Stages offers much needed space and production resources for businesses, arts organizations, producers, and families. Creative Fellowship recipients are encouraged to immerse themselves in the bustling energy of Town by working in our shared spaces when the venue is partially booked, take advantage of underutilized space between large bookings, and enjoy generous space subsidies for all kinds of projects!

The Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellowship is dedicated to providing space, perspective, and opportunity. We foster a community where all are welcome and everyone’s biases are challenged. We encourage those who feel silenced, marginalized, and otherwise “othered” to share their experiences, and remain dedicated to conversation and community.

Part residency, part incubator, and part home base, a Creative Fellowship with Sokoloff Arts offers the ultimate creative freedom to grow within our walls, and beyond.


> Shared Spaces <
Join us during the day, or when we are partially booked, for “Open Work Hours”.
Host your meetings, collaborate with your team, or just enjoy a quiet place to write.
This resource is FREE to all our Fellows.
Basically, mi casa, su casa.

> Exclusive hourly rental Portal <
Exclusive for Fellows!
Rent space by the hour for internal work (anything not open to the general public).
Rehearse a new dance number, practice your pitch, or transform Town into the perfect spot for a photo or film shoot.
Book ANY ROOM for $15/hour within 2 weeks of any given date during regular business hours.
And yes, we have a piano.

> FREE last minute and emergency work space <
Use the PORTAL to book ANY ROOM within 48 Hours for FREE.
Sudden free morning to work? Need a sudden self tape spot? Try to step through a pitch before a big meeting?
That’s right. FREE.

> Super subsidized space for Public Events<
Courtesy of Sokoloff Arts, receive a HUGE subsidy on space to present your work to the public.
Book ANY ROOM for $50/hour - $100/hour for one night cabarets, presentations, or events*.
Book a theatrical run or multi-night event for $600/night - $1200/night*.
Use a whole day for $3000 - $5000*!
You keep 100% of your box office and merch sales!
*Subsidy rates available on select dates as specified by Town Stages Staff*

> Audio Visual and Furniture Package <
Integrated sound/lighting/projection equipment, plus tables, chairs, stage, music stands, electric candles, and more!
Learn on state of the art tech and use it in your projects.
Never haul 9 music stands by yourself all the way from Brooklyn on the L train in the snow ever again.
All available, all the time. Just share well with others.

> Onsite amenities <
Breakroom! Put your lunch in the fridge. Make a cup of coffee in a branded Town Stages mug. Use our paper plates.
Lockers! Leave props for your show, a change of clothes for tomorrow, or your yoga mat.
All FREE for Fellows.

> Social Network <
Get connected with our online resources for your Fellowship Cohort.
Join a cohort of like minded humans, share success stories, and combine resources and tactics for your projects!
Get access to exclusive Town events, roundtables, open dress rehearsals, festivals, conversations, and screenings.
You're always invited!

> Town Stages Community and Team <
Gain access to a positive sounding board.
FREE consulting meetings with the Town Stages Team to further your project and goals.
Your first drink at the Bar (Wine/Beer only) is always on us.
Be a part of the family!