"Town Stages, the new performance space in Tribeca, combines non-profit and for-profit business models to support artistic innovation."

—Carey Purcell, FORBES



Owned and operated by Sokoloff Arts, a non-profit organization, our mission is to create real equity by subsidizing space for artists, change-makers, and organizations that find themselves without access. Helmed by a diverse & innovative team of female-identifying professionals with years of experience in the arts, non-profits, and activism, Sokoloff Arts has been able to provide thousands of hours of subsidized and free space since it’s inception in 2012. 

We are immensely proud to do our part in helping foster the future by being a space that truly makes space for everyone.

Sokoloff Arts (501c3) is a women-led cultural institution creating inspired space and cutting edge experiences at Town Stages. Helmed by a team of women from different backgrounds and multi-hyphenate artistic disciplines, Sokoloff Arts builds viable and safe places to congregate, strives to promote cross-cultural community activations, and blends the arts and business sectors to design sustainable solutions to social and financial inequalities in New York City and abroad.

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