A Mission With a Space

Our mission is to advance equity in New York City by building accessible spaces for public assembly, creativity, and conversation.

Town Stages
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Town Stages works from a place of collective learning through collaboration.

While we do not claim to know what diversity means for everyone, we are always seeking to expand our imagining of how to be inclusive—of individuals, of communities, and of ourselves. In this moment, while writing this, diversity, for us, means radical inclusivity of all races, gender, religion, age, sexuality, ability, health, wealth, height, weight, education, housing, incarceration history, past trauma, citizenship or lack thereof. Though diversity cannot always be worn or recognized, we seek to welcome the invisible just as we do the seen.

We understand the inevitable failure of attempting to define an ideological aspiration, but embrace our failure, commit to learning and hope to always persist in the face of anything that challenges our collective humanity.

_Town Stages, the new performance space in Tribeca, combines non-profit and for-profit business models to support artistic innovation._—Carey Purcell, FORBES (1)

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