Fellowship FAQ's

1.  This looks awesome, but I don’t know exactly what I’m making yet… can I still apply?
Absolutely! We accept ideas, projects, and work in all stages of development.

2.  What do you mean by supplemental materials?
Anything you believe will help the narrative of your application. You might include a resume or CV, work samples or history, photographs, videos, vlogs, writing samples, business plans, budgets, or more!

3.  Can I submit as a group, or just as myself?
Either. You can apply as an individual working solo, an individual with collaborators, a collective, or a company.

4.  I’m not making Theater… can I still apply?
Please do. The Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellowship is open creators in arts, media, civics, social justice, and small business. We believe that no matter what you are making - a sonata, a musical, or a sandwich- creative energy unites us. We encourage activism, inventions, new businesses, cartoons, musical theater, apps, music, fine art, dance, design, circus, puppets, food concepts, traveling shows, education platforms, restaurant ideas, crafters, writers, mixed media projects, empowerment activities, panel discussions, community creation, 360 degree activations, immersive theater, technology, and beyond!

5.  How do you select your Fellows each year?
The Town Stages Team reviews every application and supplemental material packet received before the deadline for the year, and reviews them on the following criteria:

  • Compelling Application: Does the Applicant present a powerful vision. Does the idea, work, or mission statement of the Applicant excite the team. Does the Team sense passion and excitement from the Applicant?
  • Cohesive Application: Does the project fit the mission statement of the Applicant? Does the through line from human to project make sense?
  • Need: How is Town specifically instrumental to the Applicant’s success? Does the Applicant need this Creative Fellowship to succeed?
  • Originality and Origination: Is the project topical and necessary now for Town and the Applicant? Is the idea/project/vision/story/viewpoint/creation unique in the cohort the Team is building, and in the landscape of New York City?
  • Semi-Finalist selections will be contacted for a site visit and interview before Final selections are made.

6.  How many Fellows do you accept in a year?
It really depends on the applicant pool and what everyone needs! In our inaugural year, we accepted 28 recipients.

7.  I’ve applied in years past, can I apply again?
Yes. If you've made reasonable use of our resources within the parameters of the kind of year you've had, we welcome you to reapply. 

8.  So, real talk, free space?
Yes, Town Stages grants Fellows co-working and private space weekdays and weekends when the space in available. 

Town is dedicated to working with you on your goals for your project, and

9.  And the small print on all of that?
Fellows can sign up for space through their own online portal on weekdays 48 hours in advance and weekends 2 weeks in advance. This space is for meetings, rehearsals, shoots, etc. It is not for audience-facing engagements.

10.  So, you’re not producing my show nor event…
No. Town Stages is not a producing entity, we are not producing your show or event, but we do want to give you resources to make producing your show or event elsewhere easier, more affordable, and more fun. If you do want to rent Town Stages for your show or event, it's hella pricey. We rent the space to make the Fellowship space free. 

11.  If I’m a Fellow, can I book space for my partner’s/roommate’s/uncle’s/parakeet’s project?
No. We accepted you and your idea to the Creative Fellowship, so those hours are for you. But we encourage them to apply for their own Fellowship.

12.  Can I book space to play jenga in the corner?
Yeah, because sometimes you gotta just Jenga. Whatever it takes to get your creative game on. 

13.  And, even if I can’t afford renting the whole venue just yet, I can still have work space, emergency hourly space, and access to resources and collaboration, for FREE?
You sure can.

14.  If I need help on my budget/business plan/script/deck. Can you help?
Yes. We love meeting with Fellows and offering feedback and insight. Our team is comprised of multi-hyphenate humans who have worked across a lot of mediums, and we love to help.

15.  Just out of curiosity, what’s your standard day rate at Town Stages for non-Fellows?
We begin quotes between $10,000 - $15,000 a day, depending on needs and timing. Daaaaaamn. We're fancy AF. But so are our bills #nycrent

16. Do I owe Sokoloff Arts/Town Stages a finished product by the end of my Fellowship Year?
Great question. The answer is "only if you want to". There are no finish lines at Town. We empower you to advance your project on your terms. Show up for yourselves and each other, however and wherever you can. This fellowship is our love letter to fellow makers working hard in New York City. 

Are you excited? We're excited about you. 

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