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By Robin Sokoloff | June 1, 2020

“Not talking about racism in America, is racism.”  The person who was first brave enough to look me in the eyes and say these words, no matter what it could cost him, shall not be named. This moment is not his labor, It’s mine. It’s yours.  This moment is the moment for white people, and…

Town Stages Announces Chie Morita as Deputy Director

By Robin Sokoloff

At her core, and in all her artistic endeavors, Chie seeks creative solutions to everyday debacles. With a wide variety of experiences in the New York City arts scene, Chie is dedicated to generating resources, kindling conversation and connectivity, and creating educational opportunities for artists to work smarter. Already with TOWN, she, in partnership with…

Under Construction

By Robin Sokoloff

This blog will be live soon! Check back, January 2018.

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