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Marvel Universe’s New Superhero: The Multi-Hyphenate

Hello, introduce yourself… Hi, I’m Charlotte Purser. Bar Professional and multi-faceted self-producing artist. Filmmaker, writer, actor photographer… and I have a podcast. All The Things! Yup What are you drinking right now? A beer *gasps with joy as Charlotte holds up a Corona Beer* Way to support! *Laughs* Other than enjoying a Corona during Corona,…

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Can Tall Lamps Help you in an Apocalypse?

Hello, please introduce yourself. Hi, I’m Leighton Samuels, bar professional, actor and fight director. Fight Director..tell me more. I choreograph violence for the stage.  That’s exciting. Do you think stage combat has prepared you for the quickly approaching Apocalypse? Sure, I have swords. And for those of us that don’t have swords… Baseball bat, Bottle…

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Crushing It at Home – The New Cocktail Trend?

Happy Thursday (it is Thursday right?) Introduce yourself, please. Hi I’m Brandon Tyler Harris, Bar Manager at Town Stages. Actor and Voice Over Artist. A man of many useful trades. Being a bar veteran, I assume you have a well-stocked bar and proper set up at all times, especially now. The local liquor store shut…

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