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Neverland is in – Tribeca?

Once every four years, February gets an extra day, so it seems only right that Leap Day babies get an exceptional party. Keren Precel and her extraordinary team from Simply Perfect transformed Town Stages into Neverland and made this Peter Pan themed party soar!  Keren described to us the experience she created: Multiple rooms allowed…

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Adam Odsess-Rubin, Artistic Director of National Queer Theater talks Pool Parties, Pina Coladas and Partnerships

Hello, Welcome! Please introduce yourself and the project you are bringing to Town Stages.  Hi! I am Adam Odsess-Rubin, Founder and Artistic Director of National Queer Theater. The Criminal Queerness Festival brings LGBTQ artists from all over the world to New York City to put on plays that would otherwise be censored in the writers’…

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An Interview with MinuteZero – Talking Company, PJs and Quarantine Games

Welcome 2020 Sokoloff Arts Fellowship Company, MinuteZero!  Thanks for taking time out of your binge streaming to chat! Please introduce yourself. Hello! We are MinuteZero. A theater production company that specializes in immersive, personalized, and site specific live art.  Does talking at four walls in PJs count? Sure! Thanks, I feel productive. Under normal circumstances,…

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