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Reclaiming the Right of Public Assembly

Today, more than 77% of Americans have access to a broadband internet subscription, up from less than 20% just two decades ago, which means it has never been easier to occupy digital space. The barrier of entry for most digital platforms is as simple as clicking accept on the terms and conditions (and nobody reads them anyway). Simultaneously, the cost of occupying physical space has never been more expensive. If you’ve been around any Dad long enough, you know that you would have to be crazy to buy in this real estate market and they’re not wrong. Especially in metropolises like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles—the barrier of entry is harrowing.

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The 5 Best Podcasting Microphones for Beginners+

There’s no doubt that podcasts are on the rise and showing no signs of stopping. The flexible, inexpensive entertainment medium makes it easy for anyone to produce their own work. Don’t have money for expensive sets, special effects, or camera equipment? With an audio medium, all you need is your imagination—and a microphone. So what are you waiting for? Start turning your idea into a reality today. 

No matter what kind of podcast you’re making—from non-fiction talk shows to investigative journalism to sweeping fictional narratives—we promise there’s a microphone out there for your budget.

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BREAKING NEWS: High School to Perform All-White Version of Grease

Riding the lukewarm response from their all-white versions of Bye Bye Birdie (’18), Little Shop of Horrors (’17), and their mostly-white version of Into the Woods (’16), Middlebury High School announces their all-white production of Grease—set to premiere this fall. When asked why she insists on producing all-white musicals, Cindy Fleming, the head of Middlebury’s…

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Wedding Valet Actually Just Uncle Proving He Can Parallel Park

Janelle Barnes and her soon-to-be husband, Thomas Wright, did not hire a valet for their wedding last Sunday, but when Anne Marie Jacobs, 34, arrived at the ceremony, she was greeted by a middle-aged man telling her to “Just get out. I’ll do it.” The man, dressed in a Life is Good t-shirt and cargo shorts ended up parking nearly every car at the event and continued doing so well into the ceremony. “I don’t know why I just handed him my keys,” Jacobs, a cousin of the bride, told reporters. “He was—aggressively—friendly.” It wasn’t until hours later when Jacobs noticed the, now suited, man performing a striptease for a tent pole, that he probably wasn’t the valet.

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Meet the Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellows—with Mother Line Story Project’s Executive Director Eliza Martin Simpson

Hey, Eliza. Could you introduce yourself?  Hello! My name is Eliza Martin Simpson. Who’s your number one most played artist right now? Big Bang. They’re KPOP. I’ve been sleeping on KPOP. I’m definitely going to check them out. Highly recommend. Cool. How do you spend your free time? Free…what? Fair. Enough. Let’s get down to…

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