Sokoloff Arts Fellowship 2

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48 Hours

Book me I'm under construction

Main Hall

The Main Hall is big. It's BIHHHHHG. Great for dance work or large cast work in this here yonder monster space. 

The Den

The Den is the most noise friendly, low traffic, and out of the way space we've got at Town Stages. Cuddle up, or make a fuss!

The Minibar

This is a room with a bar shaped bar in it. But it's virgin during rental hours. But it's close to bathrooms. So there's that. 



The Gallery

We are almost done building this space! Give us a couple more weeks.

The Salon

The Salon is ready to rock! This room is delightful for small groups think-tanking, or staring longingly out windows, or both.



The Ice Box

This walk-in fridge is full of construction stuffs. Clicking here won't do you much good. But soon!

Looking for the 2 Week Subsidized Rental Portal? Click here. 

Chie and Staci Den Dance

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