Crushing It at Home – The New Cocktail Trend?

Town Stages Bar Manager: Brandon Tyler Harris
Photo: Dave Thomas Brown

Happy Thursday (it is Thursday right?) Introduce yourself, please.

Hi I’m Brandon Tyler Harris, Bar Manager at Town Stages. Actor and Voice Over Artist.

A man of many useful trades. Being a bar veteran, I assume you have a well-stocked bar and proper set up at all times, especially now.

The local liquor store shut down without warning. My roommates and I took a long walk to get a bulk supply.

You walked responsibility I hope. (see what I did there) What has been your CQC, (creative quarantine cocktail)? We’re tossing around acronyms ‘cause we can.

Blue curassow (blue triple sec), incorporating lavender bitters and making snow cones out of Svedka blue raspberry & cherry vodka, crushed ice & ginger ale.

*finds ice to crush later for therapeutic reasons*

I’m not that fancy. What can I make with the basics?

Poor man’s old fashioned-Whiskey chilled with a little sugar.

Any new or favorite quarantine activities?

During a deep clean of my apartment, we found an old board game called Eloping, circa 1947. There were no game pieces or rules, just the board.

Any punctuation after Eloping.


Hmm. Eloping …That feels right. So how do you play?

Because there were no instructions, we created the rules. Players must con people into marrying them and escape with their money.

Like every “Real” BRAVO house wife.

It’s Life meets Dirty Rotten Scoundrels –the Board Game.

Brandon Tyler Harris and his silly squad

I think you have a best-seller on your hands. Favorite comfort movie?

The Birdcage.

Any general words of wisdom for us?

You get good by being bad for a little while.

I think that applies to your new board game.

You’ve been with Town Stages from the very beginning. What’s been the best part?

I believe in Town’s mission, I get to be a part of that success. I get a great deal of respect and creative freedom. I also get to cultivate my bar team. 

We do have a dream (and attractive) bar team. *chugs down imaginary poor man’s old fashioned-whiskey*

Not only can you create a delicious and colorful cocktails, you also build things.

Yes, I have a handyman business.

So you’re like a hipster Jesus. 


Best advice for the handy-impaired?

Watch YouTube videos and learn how to use a power drill. If you know how to use a power drill, you can do 75%-80% of the things you want to do.

Basically I need a power drill, whiskey, and a morally questionable board game and I’m good to go.  *adds to growing Amazon list*

Thanks Brandon, I learned a lot.

Happy to help.

Where can folks find out more about you?

My IMDB page right here, of course.

Put my order in for a boozy snow cone. Make that two.

Town Stages is an event space in Tribeca advancing equity for arts, hospitality, civic and social justice workers. We build Places of Assembly in New York City that transform the face of leadership on our stages and screens – one story, one song, one endeavor at a time.

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