THIS IS NOT A GALA INVITATION—An Open Letter for Those of You Who Would Not Like To Attend a Gala (because this isn’t one)

*You might mistake the below as an invitation to Musical Theatre Factory’s gala, but your assumption would be incorrect as Musical Theatre Factory is not throwing a gala on May 13th.

Dear Friend, 

What is a Gala you ask? Colloquially referred to in most communities as I’m-sorry-I-have-something-that-night, a Gala is a formal, festive celebration, typically thrown on the Upper East Side attended by men who could be mistaken for Gary Cole and list Martin Scorsese as their favorite director.

Perhaps, however, the term Gala is best defined by what it is not. A Gala is not the event taking place at Town Stages on May 13th at 7:30 PM as a benefit for the Musical Theatre Factory called High 5—Celebrating 5 years of Being Down to FAC. (You might have noticed that the word Gala is absent for the event’s title. That is intentional as they did not want to be misleading.)

Sure, there will be delicious drinks meant to dupe you into believing that you have the social graces capable of achieving networking. Yes, there will be countless branded mentions of the hosting organization (Musical Theatre Factory) and interesting, recognizable names attached, like, say,Michael R. Jackson, who will be honored over the course of the night for their incredible contributions to a peripherally related field to the hosting organization (Musical Theatre Factory). Yeah, sure, there will be performances by associated artists (associated meaning associated to the organization which, in this case, is Musical Theatre Factory) like, say, Troy Anthony, Ty DefoeTidtaya Sinutoke, Jacob Jarrett, Melissa Li, Kit Yan, Jillian Walker, AriDy Nox, and Brandon Webster.

Michael R. Jackson

And, of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to donate your money to the organization (Musical Theatre Factory) and its worthy mission. And that mission (a 501(c)3 non-profit artist service organization dedicated to developing new work in a collaborative atmosphere free from the pressures of critical or financial success that dismantles oppressive ideologies towards collective liberation through powerful and joyful story and song) might be repeated once or twice.

And, yes, all proceeds will go towards the host organization (Musical Theatre Factory) so they (Musical Theatre Factory) can continue to develop innovative and paradigm-shifting artists who are changing our culture with their powerful work.

If you think that sounds like a Gala, you are wrong because it is not one. 

Galas aren’t thrown by organizations started in the back of a porn shop. If it was a Gala, would you be able to attend for just $25 at the same time that Gary Cole is attending for $1,000? (Gary Cole has not purchased a ticket yet.) Would the night be more focused on the art that the organization supports more than the wallets of those attending? Would you be encouraged to spend most of the night dancing? Could you come dressed in whatever clothes make you feel beautiful? Could your favorite director be Ava DuVernay?

Maybe? But, that hasn’t been our experience. Don’t get it wrong, this event is celebrating five years as an organization and Musical Theatre Factory hopes to raise as much money as it can to continue to change the world—it’s just not a Gala.  In fact, it’s downright anti-gala.

So, why don’t you come? You can get (whatever level of ticket you like) here


Town Stages & Musical Theatre Factory

IMPORTANT NOTE: Should you want to attend an actual Gala and not this event (which is decidedly not), please don’t worry. Musical Theatre Factory will happily accept gala-goers donations here and wish them the best time at their actual gala.

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