Meet the Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellows—with Interdisciplinary Performance Maker & Educator Anna Lublina

Hey, Anna.

Hey, Connor. 

At this point, you might know the drill. Could you introduce yourself? 

I’m Anna Lublina. I’m an interdisciplinary performance maker and an educator.

Who’s your number one most played artist right now? 

Gillian Welch

How do you spend your free time?

Umm… not too long ago I went to see frozen waterfalls in Ithaca!

Tell me about the project you’re working on at Town. 

I’m working on a project called Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka. Here is the formal schpiel: Бабушка | BAb(oo)shka is an interdisciplinary performance that begins with my grandmother telling a true story—chosen by her—in Russian onstage. Her humorous anecdotes about Jewish oppression are then contemporaneously translated into gibberish, into klezmer music, and into a puppet melodrama. These retellings weave together to create a meta-conversation on the act of translation and historicization, exposing the realities of Jewish life in the Soviet Union and how those experiences transform across generations and migrations. 

What excites you most about it? 

The fact that I’m working on something that is both “theater of the real” (i.e. literally working with my grandmother and mother) & highly representational (i.e. puppetry!)

Is there a moment you can point to where you called yourself an artist and fully believed it for the first time? 

Oh gosh, maybe in the last year. I’m not sure if it came in a single moment but more like a slow wash that is still in process

What motivates you to keep going? *

Why not try to be an artist?! 

I think you’re doing more than trying. 

It’s all perspective, I guess. Also, I so badly want to be a person who considers her world critically and structurally for the rest of my life (i.e. an artist or something else), like I never ever want to sink into this world and forget that there are alternatives.

Any other projects in the works?

Sure of course! I just finished a show called, “The Gay Science” which was a super uncanny puppetry movement piece at Center for Performance Research. It was weird and a little naked! 

Have you ever wanted to be a starving artist? 

No I do not valorize starving! I aspire to be fairly compensated for my creative labor always and forever! 

Amen, please. Your spirit animal is:

An octopus bird.

Haha. Love it. Are humans owed happiness or do you think they have to earn it? 

Oh boy, I don’t know if we are owed happiness but we are certainly owed fairness, justice, and a life that does not necessitate the oppression of others!

How can your fans follow your career, should they want to/should you want them to? *

They can visit


Thank you. 

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