Meet the Sokoloff Arts Creative Fellows—with Actor, Writer, Producer Lacy Marie Meyer

Lacy Marie Meyer is an Actor, Writer, & Producer. She is a member of The Collective NY. She moved to NYC to study with Bill Esper after finishing her first lead role in the award winning feature film SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP. Upon graduation from The William Esper Studio’s Two Year Meisner Based Training Program, Lacy has completed four more award winning indie feature films: SECOND CHANCE, AMERICAN FANGO, JOKER’S POLTERGEIST, and THE RAINBOW EXPERIMENT. She had a Recurring Role on Comedy Central’s INSIDE AMY SCHUMER (Seasons Three & Four). Lacy has originated Seven Roles, Co-Published Five Short Play Anthologies, as well as serving on the Board of Directors with The Collective. Theatre Credits: Hurricane Party (Cherry Lane Theatre), Someplace Strange, Laundry at the Coin and Spin, In Wake of Yesterday, Tomorrow Mourning, Criminally Dumb, And It Came to Pass In Those Days, and Watertown, Mass. (The Collective). Up Down Strange Charmed Beauty & Truth (Davenport Theatre).

Hey, Lacy. 

Hey, Connor.

Can you introduce yourself in one sentence?

Of course. I’m Lacy Marie Meyer and I’m an actor, writer, and a producer.

In that order?

I don’t feel the need to rank them.

And I won’t make you. How about we start easy. What’s the number one most played artist you’re listening to right now? 

Well, I’ve been creating a playlist for my series because another Sokoloff Arts Fellow, Charlotte Arnoux, suggested I do that. One of my episodes takes place out west and I’ve been listening to Mirel Wagner for inspiration. She’s so gritty and soulful. I also LOVE NYC’s own Liza Colby Sound–check them out!

Don’t tell me what to do, Lacy. I’m going to listen to them tonight but because I want to, okay?


How do you spend your free time?

What do I like to do? Well, I like experiencing theatre the most when I’m free. Also, going to the movies. AND a super dope arcade called Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center—sometimes beating a level in Jurassic Park and killing evil dinosaurs is all you need to get through this thing called life…or at least, an hour of it.

Hunting. Okay. Remind me to pour one out for Petri and Little Foot. Now to the nitty-gritty: tell me about the projects you’re working on at Town. 

I have two projects that I’m working on. One is a TV series and the other is a full-length play. The TV series is a quirky, dramedy anthology series inspired by everyday issues surrounding sex. Lots of sex. And not some glamorized version how “pretty” making love is. It deals with the down and dirty of “doing it” that’s messy and awkward like, well, real life. It is an intimate collection of short cinematic stories exploring sexuality and relatable life situations (ie. single parenting, breakups, cyberbullying, STD’s, sexual dysfunction, adolescence, mid-life crises, elder years, and addiction).

The play is called LITTLE LIGHTS and it’s a dark comedy about women judging each other in the waiting room before having an abortion at a clinic much like Planned Parenthood in the college town of Muncie, Indiana. It features six females ranging in race, age, class, and religious beliefs.

Those both sound super cool. 

Thank you.

No need to thank me. I’m not the one making them. You’re doing the work. What excites you most about the projects?

I believe in social justice through storytelling. I believe we can transform hearts through empathy. I believe in bridging the gap between the coasts to the middle and then, globally. On the inside, we are all the same and my aim is to allow those similarities to breathe and the shared feelings to rise.

Sounds like you’re thinking small. I like this question. I said it. I like my own question. Is there a moment you can point to where you called yourself an artist and fully believed it for the first time?

Hm. Well,‘ve been an actor my entire life. It’s all I’ve ever known myself to be. I moved to this city just to study with a Master Teacher, my late mentor, Bill Esper. I was the school’s janitor to trade for classes with Bill. I studied with him for nearly seven years. I assisted him in scene study class. He was my creative father. He just passed in January. Anyway, in my second year of his teachings, I asked him to sign his second book that just came out. He wrote, “For Lacy, A True Artist.” It meant more to me than anything ever has and it still does. As if it was my personal Oscar.

I love that. 

Me too.

What motivates you to keep going?

Knowing that if I don’t do this, there’s a chance no one ever will. I have something to say. Nows the time to say it! Also, I definitely don’t want to let my team down. Ha. It’s imperative that I keep going because everyone has worked tremendously hard: writers for the series, the cast & crew for the pilot we shot last May, the producers helping me with the Deck/Series Bible, the cast/director of LITTLE LIGHTS my short play that my theatre company, The Collective, produced. IT ALL TAKES A VILLAGE! I have incredible artists surrounding me and my projects so the only way forward is ONWARD!

Any other projects in the works for you?

I’m thinking of adapting LITTLE LIGHTS into a short film. I’m also in the beginning stages of a one-woman show and a feature film saga. In saying that, I try to only write one project at a time.

Your spirit animal is _____?

A Wolf, a Lion, a Rainbow and sometimes Robin Sokoloff—she’s so badass!

Love it. I think we can agree that a rainbow is not an animal, but I smell what you’re stepping in. Okay, getting easier: do you believe humans are owed happiness or they have to earn it?


Ha. You don’t have to answer. 

No. I think happiness is always a choice. And my choice is to do whatever the fuck makes me happy. Sometimes sitting for 10 hours and writing in agony or memorizing a crap load of lines sucks—but deep down, it actually makes me happy.

So you’re Buddhist.


Moving on. Final question. Ready?


Tell me. How can your fans follow you and your career?

@lacymariemeyer on Instagram

So hip. Lacy, thanks so much for doing this, for being the first, and for everything you do. 

It’s my pleasure. Thank you!


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