Local Theatre Company Seeks Play Submissions by 6-Year-Old Playwrights Born In the Largest Crater of Mars About this Totally Hilarious Thing that Happened to Them Last March

A local theatre company out of Hanover, NH, No Clear Fourth Wall, is holding a call for play submissions for their inaugural 2021 season.


No Clear Fourth Wall is seeking dramatic works by playwrights between the ages of six and six-and-a-quarter who were born on the Hellas Impact Crater of Mars. The subject of the plays must be about the totally hilarious thing that happened at the cast party for the immersive rendition of Cats that premiered this past March at UNH (which was set in 1960’s Berlin and you would have had to have been there to fully understand.) Preference will go to plays that are word-for-word replicas of what the company calls the “absolute standard” for plays: Waiting for Godot by “that Irish Playwright.”


Characters/Cast: Must be able to be played by a single actor.
Set: Must be designed, built, and shipped by the playwright.*
Run-time: 59-60 mins.
Submission Fee: $5,000.00 + a sealed envelope of clippings from a toenail of your choosing (will be used as a prop).

The intergalactic playwright toddlers must not have representation and the play must not have been read by anyone ever including the playwright.


One weekend of matinee performances at a theatrical space that the company enthusiastically describes as “TBD.”**

Regular-Chris in what he described as his “wacky” headshot. Photo by Sarah Chavez.

No Clear Fourth Wall is made up of students from the 2020 theatre program at the University of New Hampshire and is led by seniors Christopher Johnson, 21, and Kristopher DuPont, 22. “Chris and Kris-with-a-K. People get us mixed up because they assume all straight white men in the theatre are the same and that’s on them,” Kris-with-a-K explained. “And that’s theatre with an -re.”

When asked about the inspiration behind No Clear Fourth Wall, the two self-proclaimed innovators cited the distinct need for more theatre companies created by graduating BFA classes with “something actually real to say” and the fear of God in their eyes. “We just saw a hole and filled it,” Kris-with-K said, giving a wink to regular-Chris.

“We want to prove that a theatre degree is actually literally the best investment that anyone in the world, and by extension our parents, could ever make,” regular-Chris added, dabbing the sweat from his brow with what appeared to be a student loan statement. “And we think premiering a space-baby play is the perfect way to accomplish that.” “We’re going for just left of mainstream,” Kris-with-a-K added.

To apply: go to their website as soon as their stage manager Sarah Chavez gets around to making it because “It’s her job and I don’t know what she’s doing, honestly.”

*After approval from regular-Chris. 
**By submitting your play you forgo all royalties and rights to your play & agree to be billed under the pen-name/pseudonym Kristopher Dupont. 

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  1. W.T Robina on April 26, 2019 at 8:00 am

    My daughter fits all the criteria except that she lives in Margate and not Mars. Can she still apply? She’s crying at the moment and begging me to move to that crater place.

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